Catch Me If You Can

Someone had messaged me regarding a CMIYC playbill but I lost the message…If you see this, please send me another one! And if anyone else has one they’d be willing to trade please contact me! My list of playbills is on my blog!


What’s the best sharpie to use on Cinderellas playbill?

For the 2013 broadway ones? Probably silver sharpies, just be careful to let the signatures dry properly though because silver smudges much more easily than black ones!

Rupert Grint & Nathan Lane in It’s Only a Play


Really need to draw this one.. This song (Something to believe in) keeps on playing in my head. 

for Jess


The Barricade Boys of The Dallas Theater Center

Anonymous: you're blog is awful ... i can already tell you are one of those fake cheap broadway "Fans" who actually know nothing but the super popular shows and performers. ugh you make me sick just stop

Ok usually I ignore hate but this really made me angry.

There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.

Oh wait, yes I do.

A person’s dedication to Broadway is not defined by their favorite show. I don’t care if you favorite show is Wicked or if it is freaking Ben Franklin in Paris, it is that person’s decision and they should be allowed to like whatever show they want without people like you giving them a hard time for it. Popular shows got to be the way they are because they are really really good, so who cares if someone’s favorite show is well-recieved? And similarly, why should it matter if their favorite show didn’t get great reviews? Taste is taste, and Broadway is beautiful in the sense that it allows people to pick and choose and develop a taste that is personal to them.

And along similar lines, whether your favorite performer has done a thousand shows, or one show, the same premise applies


"FAKE CHEAP BROADWAY FAN" … REALLY!? A part of what makes this community (or the majority of them at least … you not so much) and fan base so great is that there are no “fakers” as you so inaptly named them. People who love Broadway love Broadway. There are no if ands or buts about it.

If anything, it is people like you who feel so entitled to judge others (WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING ME EVEN A LITTLE) that are “fake fans”, so you can exit stage right please and thank you.

GOODBYE *waves and sashes into the wings*